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Rest assured our friendly telephonist will answer your calls personally and provide you a genuine service, 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week and will always maintain a good level of customer contact keeping you informed of our attendance and progress of works. We do not have a call out charge, our work is guaranteed. Our rates are affordable and we will provide you with quotes for drainage installation work.

Local Cambridge Coverage

When you need a professional and local drainage engineer in Cambridge for all your drainage repairs, we are here to provide a fast, efficient service to deal with any repairs, blocked drains, urgent jobs and planned drainage installations. All of our drainage engineers are not only highly experienced but also fully qualified. With our extensive 24 hour coverage, we will normally have a drainage engineer on-site within 90 minutes and often sooner if you have an urgent drainage problem, such as a floods, blocked drains.

Drain Repairs by Professionals

We carry out a full range of drain repairs including drain excavations as well as damaged or collapsed drains and installation of new drains on a daily basis. Our drainage engineers have an extensive knowledge of domestic and commercial problems and how they can be resolved quickly and effectively.Our Cambridge Drainage engineers can normally get drains back in working order fast and with minimal disruption. We use the latest technology in drain clearance and drain lining methods to avoid ground and property disturbance. If a drain problem is complex, we have CCTV inspection equipment to investigate further to locate and diagnose faulty, cracked, broken or collapsed drains even in cases where tree roots have broken into drain pipes causing broken and blocked drains.

Drain Repairs and Excavations

As well as general repairs and excavations to drains we also install and build new drains inspection chambers, which can be constructed in brickwork or durable, impact resistant plastic drain chambers and we also install new frames, lids and covers for drain inspection chambers and manholes. We reinstate and make good rendering where required. We install new clay or plastic drainage pipes, interceptors, gullies, traps, soakaways, cess-pits, septic tanks, sump pumps and grids. We have carried out and completed many drainage excavations for new and old drainage systems in clay or plastic type materials, our experience and expertise in upgrading drains enables us to make vast improvements in the effectiveness of older drain systems.

Tree Roots in Drains

Drains that are near large trees can be very vunerable to tree root inflitration normally this doesnt become apparent until blocked drains are experienced with the drainage system, what tends to happen is there is some ground movement over the years and clay pipe collar joints which are normaly jointed using sand cement which become cracked then start to let moisture into the ground, firberous roots are then attracted by the moisture around the collar joint and fiberous roots find there way into drain pipes as the roots increase in size this then will cause further damage to the drain pipe and collars allowing more water into the ground also causing a possible void around the drain allowing it to move even more within the ground, sometimes if the problem is caught in its early stages it is possible to cut the roots out and re line the drain inside, forming a new drain inside the old one this will prevent moisture from escaping into the ground again, however if the damage is to far gone then it may result in excavation of the drain to return it to good working order.

Soil Stacks Downpipes

Soil stacks, and downpipes some can be internal but most of which tend to be external mostly when install on some older properties these were made from cast iron and collar joints that would be corked and filled pouring lead into the joint making a sealed joint at each section, over periods of years some cast iron pipes have become corrorded with rust not only from a visual point of view from the outside but also inside the drain pipe, this will create a rough surface inside which makes it easy for toilet paper and waste material to become stuck not flowing away freely and can also cause blocked toilets, our Cambridge drainage engineers have repaired and renewed downpipes also soil stack and vents pipes over the years these can be replaced in orignal cast iron which sometimes is required where a listed building is or in more modern type material like plastic in black or grey if you need any stack pipes or downpipes repaired or renewed.

Waste Pipes For - Sink - Basin - Bath - Shower

​Waste pipes which serve sinks, basins, baths and showers tend to be installed in plastic with solvent joint type fittings, some older pipes may be in lead or cast iron however over the years most of these have been changed to mordern type materials, waste pipes should have a water sealed trap at the point of outlet from point of connection, although traps help to prevent debris from going through into waste pipes there main intention and purpose is to prevent bad smells coming up from the drain pipes further down stream, most waste pipes will connect to larger sized drain, either a soil stack pipe, hopper box or to a gully point before going into the main drains, our drainage engineers have repaired and installed many waste pipes over the years some of which may be for new services be it a new building, extention,bathroom or wherever the need for new pipes and repairs will be required.

Our 24/7 Service in Cambridge

We provide a 24 Hour service - 7 Days a Week to carry all types of drain repairs installations when it's convenient for you.If you have any drainage repairs or installation requirements please call us today.